Mobile Tech Minutes: Windows 7 on HP Mini 2140 netbook


[wpvideo uY7j4Onl w=500]

I have been running Windows 7 on the HP Mini 2140 and it’s been working very well.  I am asked frequently how good the performance it running Windows 7 and the best way to answer that is to show you.  This video demonstrates running multiple programs and shows how good typical performance is on the Atom-based 2140 under Windows 7.


Matt Kunz

Hi James,

Great overview. I just received my HP 2140 yesterday and loaded Windows 7. I only had three glitches and fixed one of them. There is no way to officially turn off Bluetooth in Windows 7 on the 2140 so I ended up installing the HP Wireless Manager from the 2710p Vista drivers and it works like a charm. The other two problems are HP printer drivers that will work with Windows 7 and the webcam doesn’t work. I was wondering if you have these issues and if so what you did to fix them. Thanks for the help.


you should use flashblock/adblock in firefox, all that flash crap running even at idle will soak up 20%-30% CPU. not only does it slow everything down but it also chews up battery life when mobile.

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