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MIMO little displays- add extra (touch)screen to your netbook

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mimo-monitors-welcome-mozilla-firefox-31-beta-2The folks at MIMO are all excited about their two new USB-powered monitors that can add extra functionality to any system.  The little screens are tailor-made for the netbook crowd as you can hook one of these puppies up and do a lot of things while keeping your internal small screen focused on real work.

The two models from MIMO are both 7-inch screens that are designed to let you use them as secondary screens.  I could see one of these as a good place to keep Skype or IM window alive all the time while using the main system for other work.  The ability to control the MIMO UM0740 display with touch could make it a good solution for utilities that can benefit from that kind of control.

The UM-740 also adds audio jacks, USB ports and a webcam/ mic to the touchscreen capability making it tailored for running Skype or other video conferencing tool.  The lower-priced UM-710 lacks those features but costs only $129.99 compared to the $199 that the UM-740 will set you back.  Both screens can be tilted from landscape to portrait orientation so they can fit the desired task.

The MIMO displays connect to the laptop or other system via USB making them a self-contained video adapter.  This means you can have more than one external monitor on a laptop as each MIMO is a separate video entity.  The 800×480 resolution of these monitors won’t set the world on fire but might be fine on the 7-inch screen with proper usage.  Both monitors are to be shipping in the U.S. very soon.

4 Responses to “MIMO little displays- add extra (touch)screen to your netbook”

  1. Not that I’d ever do it but I’ve heard that it also makes a perfect additional monitor at the office for using slingplayer. ;-)

    Mine came from thegadgeteers as well.

  2. As someone that actually got serious writing done on palms and an axim using fold up keyboards, I’d sit at my desk even less if my Touch supported such peripherals, especially if Docs to Go or a mobile Iworks were available.