Google's Finally Getting Things Done


Last month, in reviewing Taskpaper 2.0, we noted the desire for simplicity in to-do applications, while, personally, I was holding out for a good Google (s GOOG) and Apple (s AAPL) linkup to bring together Gmail and Apple Mail.

Well, we’re not quite there yet, but Google yesterday announced that Gmail’s recently-launched Tasks feature had been repackaged for mobile browsers for iPhone and Android as well as functioning  independently of Gmail. The feature works well on the iPhone, particularly when added to the Home Screen with it’s own icon, giving it the feel of a native application.

With the simultaneous availability of Tasks for iGoogle, it seems Google is taking baby steps to unbundle Tasks from Gmail; with some APIs and syncing capabilities, it could evolve into a valuable tool for web workers…and indeed, Google’s own advertising business! Now if only they’d unbundle Gmail’s Contacts, too…

The mobile Tasks feature is available at, requiring users to sign in with their usual Gmail credentials.

Addendum: If you’re a Google Apps for Domain user, you won’t be able to access it through that URL. You’ll need to head to:


Hat tip to James for pointing this out.


Simon Mackie

@James yes indeed! I was quite excited about this when I first started playing with it, but as I can’t use it with my GigaOm tasks, only those on my personal account, it’s not really useful to me. I’m sure they’ll get around to it, but it’s annoying we have to wait.

Simon Mackie

Really cool. I like Tasks’ simplicity. It’s not as good as on the Mac for me, but as a get-your-tasks-from-anywhere app it works really well.

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