Glary Utilities–a Top App for Windows PCs–Gets an Update


Do you have a Windows PC that seems much slower than it once was? In my experience, that’s the natural life of most Windows-based machines. They collect litter in the Registry, on the hard disk, are prime targets for malware, and much more. I’ve written before about one of my favorite freeware tools for cleaning a Windows system up: Glary Utilities.

Recently, Glary Utilities got an upgrade. If you haven’t used this set of tools before, there are more good reasons to do so.

Glary Utilities is a suite of mini applications that can give your PC a complete tune-up. It has good tools for removing temporary files that slow performance and for optimizing your hard drive. You can do a complete hard drive defrag with it, or, if that’s too time-consuming take faster steps to cleaning up a drive.

The suite also includes tools for memory optimization, and for cleaning your Windows Registry (make sure to make a backup, though, which Glary prompts you to do. Some of the new additions in the upgrade to Glary Utilities are aimed at better performance as well.

The Glary suite now includes a startup delayer that allows you to customize which applications you want to load at boot time. I wrote about a standalone utility that does this once before. If you’ve been using a Windows system for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with how loading applications every time you restart causes long waits. You can cut your boot times by more than half by using these utilities to optimize startup routines.

There are more enhancements in the new version of Glary Utilities. It’s a quick download, too. Try a few of the one-click utilities and you’ll probably immediately start noticing better performance.


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