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Earnings Preview: What To Look For From Disney, Time Warner, Warner Music, EA

Four entertainment companies, including two bellwethers, report quarterly earnings this week that should give investors and executives in the media space a picture of what to expect in what is starting off as an increasingly difficult 2009. *Disney*, *Electronic Arts*, *Time Warner*, and Warner Music report throughout the week. Here is what to look for:

The Walt *Disney* Company reports Tuesday after the market closes: TV and cable results are expected to have been weak in the quarter due to declining ratings and a deteriorating ad environment. However, look for any details about Disney (NYSE: DIS) management

3 Responses to “Earnings Preview: What To Look For From Disney, Time Warner, Warner Music, EA”

  1. I concur with the thoughts expressed above: You make EA sound like a bit player in this industry. "lack of blockbuster hits"???? Have you heard of a little game called Madden? What about Spore?, Rock Band?

  2. Giordano

    "EA’s lack of blockbuster hits (it is largely a mid-tier player) doesn’t make it the best benchmark for the gaming industry since its market share is relatively small"

    Are you drunk? EA's been the largest game company by revenue in the word until last year, when it was surpassed by the newly merged Activision Blizzard. It's still the second largest game company in the world. How it's its market share "relatively small"?