What’s on Merlin’s desktop?

Merlin Mann is one of the smartest people I know and he’s very entertaining on top of that.  Anyone with an interest in being productive no doubt has his 43 folders site bookmarked and if not certainly should.  I’ve corresponded with Merlin over the years and these conversations always add value to my work and my peace of mind and he’s a valued asset to us all.

He has recently conducted a video tour of his Mac desktop where he steps through all of the utilities in his menu bar and he explains why each tool is valuable to his work.  It’s a great video tour and will keep me busy for some time as he’s shown off some applications I now have to check out for myself.  Be sure and watch the tour in HD so you can see everything he shows clearly.  Well done, Merlin.


Must try apps on Merlin’s desktop:





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