T-Mobile splits phone purchases over 4 months


photo_2You know the economy is tanking when a US carrier agrees to split the purchase of a phone and accessories over four months, something T-Mobile is now doing to entice phone upgrades. The cost of phones and accessories will be divvied up over the next four month’s bills so that customers will not delay upgrading their equipment because of the cost.

This sort of reminds me of those furniture stores that advertise you can outfit your entire home without making a payment of any kind for two years. I wonder how they can make any money delaying payment so much unless they sell the debt — which is likely. The T-Mobile deal is not quite that bad with purchases only covering a four-month period, but it leads us to wonder if we will see other U.S. carriers following suit. It may be time to get that Android G1 phone you were holding out for.

(via Mobile Crunch)



I wish T-Mobile would dump the Wing and get a more modern pocket PC phone like the HTC Touch Pro – maybe then I’ll be MORE INCLINED to upgrade.


I live by the rule that if I can’t afford to pay for it with cash, I don’t need it. (I still pay with CC, but pay it off at the end of the month)


It’s a good idea, I hope sprint will offer something like that for the pre, make switching as easy as possible is a good model to follow.

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