Sony Vaio P on Verizon- $200 rebate


verizon-sony-rebateThe Sony ( s sne) Vaio P defies description, it’s not really a netbook as it’s too expensive yet it’s equipped much like them.  No question the Vaio P brings a lot to the table, and very small tables at that.  One of the interesting components that Sony is putting in the Vaio P is the Gobi wireless chipset which is gives it the ability to work with both CDMA and HSDPA 3G data networks.

Sony has a deal with Verizon (s vz) in the U.S. so that is the only network you can activate your new Vaio P to work with.  That may not sit well with new owners so Verizon is trying to soften the blow with a $200 rebate for activating a 2-year contract on your Vaio P.  The rebate comes in the form of a debit card and is available now so if you are one of those early adopters who has taken delivery of your brand new little laptop you can hook it up to integrated 3G and get $200 back.

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Steve D

anyone know of any issues buying a Vaio P in japan for use in europe? is the OS in Japanese? Is it a wise move or a dumb idea?
they are half the price than listed in ireland…


In Japan, _every_ electronics store in Akihabara is selling the Vaio P with up to 35000 yen discounts in exchange for broadband/mobile contracts. It’s the Acer Aspire One for 2009. :)


Seem to me the device, as sold in the US, doesn’t actually have the ability to work with non-Verizon networks. Stupid Sony. Stupid Verizon.

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