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Snowfalls in Britain Forcing Many to Work from Home

A car in the snow
A car in the snow

Large parts of the UK have been seriously disrupted by snowfall today, with the South East of the country seeing its worst snowfalls in 18 years. With many people unable to make it to work – or in some cases, making it to work only to find their offices shut – we may see the ranks of web workers swell temporarily over the next day or two (in fact, there have been anecdotal reports of webmail services running slowly today under increased traffic)

One of the advantages of web working is not having to deal with the stress of the daily commute, but on days like today, with trains cancelled, chaos on the roads, and snow continuing to fall outside with more forecast to come, it makes me very glad that I can work from the warm comfort of my kitchen.

Have you been affected by the weather in the UK?

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12 Responses to “Snowfalls in Britain Forcing Many to Work from Home”

  1. Kevin Tea

    I managed to get into Carlisle to work this morning only to be told to get back home as there was more serious snowfall on its way and it was a hairy drive back to the fells where I live – 800 feet up on the side of the north Pennines.

    Fortunately a year ago I got a through the air broadband connection so I have been able to log into my two work email addresses, write a feature, get colleagues to send my accompanying photographs and update our Twitter site, etc.

    I have been a web worker on and off since the 80s when I was self employed and helped run the Telework Europa forum on CompuServe and later worked on a four year project for the European Commission on emerging Internet technologies to help the “geographically isolated.”

    So this is nothing new for me and as parft of my team deals with sustainable transport I explain that it is climate change friendly for me to work from home as often as I can :-)

  2. Here in Birmingham it’s not affected me much, except giving me an extra spring to my step on my walk to the office.

    I don’t know why it’s described as the *worst* snowfall in 18 years. Aren’t most of us enjoying it? Snow makes me feel like a child again.

  3. Simon Mackie

    @Om well, I hope I don’t get so snowed in I can’t pop out to the local coffee shop for a bit:)

    @Nigel that sounds pretty typical that the guys with the longest commutes are the ones who actually made it in – presumably because you left home before everyone else decided that the weather was too bad to make it in…

  4. I’m here in theKingston upon Hull, UK.
    This morning there was about 1.5 inches of snow. Every road on my 4.5 mile drive to work had been gritted and was free of snow and ice. The trip took me 45 minutes (usualy takes 15). We Brits are useless. I’ve no idea how we would respond to ‘real snow’ like they have in continetal Europe or the US.

  5. spent 16 months straight working from home office and had no problem with it other than my tendency to over work. I really liked the flexibility, and spent nearly 1 month of it out of state during the hot desert summer. work from home 1 or 2 days per week these days.

  6. I wouldn’t mind a snow day — give me a reason to work from home one day or just hang out in a coffee shop for now reason, pretending to work or something.

    But seriously, it gets very tiring to work from home for longer periods of time. I have found it difficult to concentrate in the home office after say two or three days of working from home.

  7. I spent 6 months web-working last year, but right now I’m on site. Funny how the only two people left in this (Central London) office are those who come from furthest away – we’ve both pre-booked a hotel for tonight to avoid the train cancellations on the way home.

    Would have been great to just sign in from home… but most of the working world hasn’t come into the late 20th century yet…