Mobile Tech Minutes: ZumoDrive Integrates Cloud Data with Client Applications


[wpvideo 03ZIxPzg w=500]

Today I’m taking a quick look at ZumoDrive, which is an online synchronization service in private beta. I’ll have more thoughts to share on ZumoDrive later this week. Why spend five minutes looking at yet another cloud-storage and sync tool? I’m impressed with the way ZumoDrive integrates cloud data and desktop client applications; I believe we’ll see more efforts on this front over the next year or two.

We have several hundred invites to the private beta of ZumoDrive, be sure to watch the video so you know how we’ll do that in a few days. ;)



Very interesting.

The two biggest problem I had since my life has evolved to accommodate multiple devices on a daily basis are..

1. Sub-setting what I can have where because of the storage constraints
2. Figuring out how to keep these subsets up to date.

I love what you have described here as it seems to imply

1. I do not need to subset at ALL
2. It will fetch whatever I want transparently as needed with the applications that I normally use doing all the work.

I think cloud enables every app there by simply making the filesystem cloud aware is pure genius. I love the simplicity.

Now if you can confirm that it works I will be on it in an instant. It will dramatically simplify my life and give my trusty USB drive a well deserved rest.

Kevin C. Tofel

Faeiz, I already do that now with Simplify Media, so technically, it should work just fine. ZumoDrive has an iPhone app but it’s not approved just yet in the iTunes AppStore.

Faeiz Hindi

I wonder how they would handle streaming video files to your iphone over 3G.

borax99 (Alain C.)

I’ve been trying out the beta for about a week, it’s worth the look. It’s been stable and has already gone through one (painless) auto-update.

Of course, it **is** a beta, so the idea is to upload only backed-up or disposable files only !

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