Deep Sea Dive and Witness Global Warming With "Google Ocean"


algore3small It’s not often you find a topic that brings together former Vice President Al Gore, Jimmy “Margaritaville” Buffett and hundreds of Googlers together in one building. But this afternoon the launch of the 5.0 version of Google Earth, which includes new satellite and mapping info from the seabeds of the world’s oceans, provided just such an occasion.

Google Earth’s new ocean data can help educate the public on how climate change is affecting our planet, and Gore — whom Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced as the person who will go down in history as having saved the Earth — said he hoped it will drive home the reality of global warming. Gore often speaks at events on climate change and has worked as a senior adviser to Google.



Uhh, Google already has a project codenamed Project Ocean – its for their ambitious scan every book and provide it online…so would have been good to mention that!

Eric B

You realize that the oceans have showed slight cooling, right? Which goes against every single climate model?

Dave Fourputt

I wonder if AlGore caught a cold as he sloshed his way through the ice and snow to attend a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing in DC.

What a farce.


Cool, myabe we will get a comprehensive build of dive sites for scuba now with topo :).

Michael W.

Dang. We didn’t get Al Gore at the Google Analytics Summit – we just got Vint Cerf, the *real* Father of the Internet.

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