Daily Apple: Blow Phone, Pro Processors, & Video Talk

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Blow-Controlled Mobile Phone Introduced – This might be an example of when avoiding infringement of Apple’s multi-touch patent might have gone too far. Korean mobile manufacturer Pantech is now selling blow-controlled “Sky Wind” phones. Why, with that tech, you could blow out virtual candles on a virtual birthday cake.

March 29 Could Bring New Mac Pro Processors – Not, I should note, the Mac Pros themselves, but the next generation Xeon processors that could eventually provide the brains of the operation. They have the same clock speeds, but are supposed to gain lots of performance power through the introduction of other new techs, including a replacement of the legacy “Front Side Bus.”

Music Industry Cowers Before iTunes’ Might – The New York Times has an interesting article about how tense relations are between Apple and the big players in the music industry, owing to Apple’s strongarm bargaining tactics and the industry’s fear of courting their disfavor.

Patent Points to Video Conferencing iPhone – Usually I don’t pay much attention to the myriad of patent applications Apple makes, because most of them seem to come to nothing. This one, though, is one I’m really pulling for. The iPhone needs video capabilities, and this shows Apple’s at least considering it.

Apple Market Share Up in January – To nearly 10 percent, according to data gathered by Net Applications and reported by Ars Technica. That’s a new record for Macs, and an increase for the iPhone as well. Windows slid over the same period.

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