Beer, Bro Time and Smart Grid


OK, smart grid technology isn’t on a level playing field when it comes to competing with Super Bowl-friendly topics like the Go Daddy shower scene, or Pepsi’s slapstick men smashing into various objects. So I haven’t heard much talk about how amazing GE’s (s GE) 30-second (estimated $100,000-a-second) smart grid ad was during the Super Bowl on Sunday. But it’s definitely a first for smart grid technology, which was relatively unknown to most in the U.S. in 2008, to take such a prominent stage (for more info on smart grids read our FAQ).

Well, here’s GE’s smart grid clip — we know you couldn’t compete with beer and bro time, but we salute you:


Swag Valance

I don’t get GE’s Smart Grid commercial… nor the IBM Smart Grid commercial going around. How many competing commercial advertisers do we need for something none of us really truly understands, none of us can let alone buy, and something none of us could tell if one is any better than the other?

I’m being absurdist here, but the advertising itself is absurd. If they remade The Graduate, I presume instead of “plastics” the phrase would have been “smart grid”.

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