Battery Runs Samsung Netbook for Over 12 Hours

nc10hhuIf $99 isn’t too much to spend for 50% more battery life on your Samsung NC10, there’s a product you need to see. It’s a third-party battery sold through eBay that ships from Batterysquare in Hong Kong at no extra charge. The 9-cell battery is rated at 7800mAh and 11.1V as compared to the stock, 5200mAh 6-cell battery from Samsung. The power-pack that comes with the NC10 is nothing to sneeze it: it’s among the tops in the netbook market right now, with most folks easily enjoying eight hours of run-time.

UMPC Fever did some testing with this third-party product and shows results of over 12 hours. Since run-time is generally scalable between standard and extended batteries, adding 50% more cells should equate to around 50% more run-time. Of course, adding more battery cells means that the battery is bigger than the standard one. From the pics, it appears that like other extended batteries, your netbook will be propped up a bit more in the back. I actually find that helpful in terms of the keyboard angle. Thanks for the tip, Frank!


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