ASUS Eee PC 1000HE: A Worthy Netbook Upgrade


asus-1000heI try not to get too excited about every new ASUS Eee PC model, but I’m making an exception for the new 1000HE with 10-inch LED backlit display. It’s available for online pre-order now at $399 and it addresses many compromises that netbooks typically offer. Although I haven’t tested it, I’d expect that it performs a tad better than most current netbooks due to the CPU & GN40 chipset. The 1000HE runs on a newer Intel Atom: the N280, which is a 1.66GHz CPU. That’s only a minor tweak over the current N270s running at 1.6GHz, but the Front Side Bus (FSB) of the N280 is boosted to 533MHz to 667MHz. I’m not expecting a stellar performance jump, but it should be there.

Battery life is addressed with an 8700mAh power pack that’s flush with the chassis. Sweet! Between the battery and the exclusive Super Hybrid Engine, ASUS expects up to 9.5 hours of run-time. If that translates to eight hours in the real-world, the “all-day computing” claim is met in my book. Even with the large battery, the device weighs 3.2-pounds, which is about the top-end of what I like to carry on a regular basis.

ASUS redesigned the keyboard, which we expected. It’s 92% of standard size and the keys are chiclets. Look at that: they put the Right-Shift key where it belongs too! That alone has me pulling out my credit card. ;) I like my MSI Wind, but the new ASUS is worth of upgrade consideration now.

Storage for the 1000HE is provided by a 160GB hard drive and ASUS is also including 10GB of online storage. I’m looking for more information on the 10GB; I’m curious if it looks like a mounted drive when you have connectivity or it’s less integrated than that. The netbook keeps support for multi-touch capability on the wide trackpad with two buttons; it also includes 802.11n and Bluetooth. ASUS is offering more information directly through their Facebook group.



I just heard back from Asus, it will be possible to upgrade to 2 GB RAM with the single slot.



its true asus eeepc 1000he have a long life battery but my problem is it always hang even though i dont download anything except for yaho messenger and my anti virus and mozzilla,and sucks somebody help me what to do so my laptop wont hang


I’d hold on to that credit card Kevin, you’ll be kicking yourself when the mini note Pineview update rolls out.


The Acer Aspire 103 has the same GN40 chipset, with 1 GB Ram split. Are you saying that the expansion slot can’t be used to install 2 GB RAM, as is the case for the Lenovo S10? If true, this would be a significant limitation.

Acer Aspire 103 Specs

* Intel Atom Processor N280
* 1.66GHz, 667MHz FSB and 512Kb L2
* 10.1″ display screen (1024×600 pixels)
* Mobile Intel GN40 Chipset
* Acer InviLink 802.11b/g WiFi
* 1.0GB RAM (512MB built-in + 512MB Module additional)


Rodrigo Kenobi

Something tells me that this thing does not have a DIMM slot for RAM expansion, just like the new Wind.


Hi chicklet, is that the terrible calculator style keyboards that Apple are now using. It feels like a retro Commodore Pet style. I like the Asus netbooks but I also like keyboards where you have real movement when you hit a key. The rest of it seems a step in the right direction.

Have fun


i’m very surprised, this is a significant update compared to several other netbook manufactures Ho-Hum updates (*cough* MSI Wind *cough*).

the CPU/FSB/chipset sounds great, i will be very curious to see whats new in the GN40.

it’s about time they redid the keyboard, finally a real right-shift key. i have a feeling all PC keyboards are going to start being chicklet style (Apple, Sony, now Asus) or flat-style (HP Mini-note, Dell Mini).

i’m really shock by the battery, how did they manage to fit something so big in the same chassis & weight? they must have done a major redesign inside to clear out room for the bigger battery. maybe they are using a thinner gauge plastic now to reduce the weight back down. my friends EEE 1000 already gets 5 hours quite easily, theres no reason this couldnt get 8+.

if this thing really hits at $399 there is no doubt it will be King of Netbooks at least “value wise”.

Vivek - The Technicist

This thing is hooooooooooooooot. After writing off netbooks overall, I….want this. The keyboard, especially, looks fantastic. New CPU and 10 hour battery takes the cake.


FYI, I have emailed Asus and asked them to either take down the promotion link or update the Facebook page with information on when preorders will be taken. I am not holding my breath, but at least I was able to vent some of my frustration. This is a PR nightmare for them…



Most important: Will the new battery be comptaible with the older 1000H model? I assume not, but one can always ask :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Darrell, the first link in the post points out the various online retailers but I hit a few of them and don’t see a way to pre-order yet. Seems like ASUS is putting the news out a tad early to me. Shame too, because I’m considering this device and my pre-order trigger finger is getting itchy! ;)


I have tried all the online etailers that Asus mentions on their flyer, but none have it yet. Any idea where I can preorder this?


i have to agree on this 1 Kevin, that list of specs, new keyboard, $399 price tag, is very very impressive. i think Asus’s extremem success in this market is now allowing them to undercut the competition.

im really curious to find out more about the GN40 chipset, any good articles out there on it?


Any idea if it has a matte or glossy case? Matte or glossy screen?
Have you tried the Asus chicklet keyboard?

Preorder price is $374 with a $25 rebate. Sweet!


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