ASUS Eee PC 1000HE: A Worthy Netbook Upgrade

asus-1000heI try not to get too excited about every new ASUS Eee PC model, but I’m making an exception for the new 1000HE with 10-inch LED backlit display. It’s available for online pre-order now at $399 and it addresses many compromises that netbooks typically offer. Although I haven’t tested it, I’d expect that it performs a tad better than most current netbooks due to the CPU & GN40 chipset. The 1000HE runs on a newer Intel Atom: the N280, which is a 1.66GHz CPU. That’s only a minor tweak over the current N270s running at 1.6GHz, but the Front Side Bus (FSB) of the N280 is boosted to 533MHz to 667MHz. I’m not expecting a stellar performance jump, but it should be there.

Battery life is addressed with an 8700mAh power pack that’s flush with the chassis. Sweet! Between the battery and the exclusive Super Hybrid Engine, ASUS expects up to 9.5 hours of run-time. If that translates to eight hours in the real-world, the “all-day computing” claim is met in my book. Even with the large battery, the device weighs 3.2-pounds, which is about the top-end of what I like to carry on a regular basis.

ASUS redesigned the keyboard, which we expected. It’s 92% of standard size and the keys are chiclets. Look at that: they put the Right-Shift key where it belongs too! That alone has me pulling out my credit card. ;) I like my MSI Wind, but the new ASUS is worth of upgrade consideration now.

Storage for the 1000HE is provided by a 160GB hard drive and ASUS is also including 10GB of online storage. I’m looking for more information on the 10GB; I’m curious if it looks like a mounted drive when you have connectivity or it’s less integrated than that. The netbook keeps support for multi-touch capability on the wide trackpad with two buttons; it also includes 802.11n and Bluetooth. ASUS is offering more information directly through their Facebook group.


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