Apple, Adobe Working Together On Flash for iPhone? Define “Together”


adobe_flash_logoThe weekend brought renewed hope for those waiting with bated breath for the marriage of iPhone and Flash. I have to admit that it really aggravates me when I see a site I want to check out, type the address into Mobile Safari, and am greeted with nothing but a background color and that aggravating little question mark cube. Which is why I was momentarily heartened when I heard found out that Adobe (s adbe) CEO Shantanu Narayen said in a recent Bloomberg television interview that the company was “collaborating” with Apple (s aapl) on bringing Flash to the iPhone.

This is only the latest development in the long saga of the interactive web tech and Apple’s game-changing smartphone. So far, nothing seems to have come of efforts to get the tech working on the device because Apple has qualms with the high demands of the full version of Flash, and doesn’t feel the Lite version offers enough muscle to merit inclusion. Hence Narayen’s talk of “collaborating,” since his company basically has to meet Apple’s particular demands in order to get them to open the gates.

I suspect, along with Daring Fireball‘s Jon Gruber, that Narayen’s use of the word “collaborating” might be a little misleading in this case. The rest of the CEO’s comments don’t really suggest that Apple has changed their position on the matter, but it does seem like Adobe realises the importance of getting their product on the platform, and have decided to put in the serious development time required to produce something that matches Apple’s specifications.

At this point, its hard to say how much Flash capability will affect things on Apple’s side of the equation. Yes, it would be nice to avoid those question-cubes, but I still wouldn’t trade my iPhone for anything, nor did I even consider the absence of Flash as a factor when I made my original decision to purchase. Really, Adobe has everything to gain from a relationship with the device, in order to stay relevant, which is presumably why the ball is in their court.



I’ve had Flash installed on my iPhone since last week when I Jailbroke it.
Works flawlessly within Safari.

TJ Draper

If Flash is ever included on the iPhone, I hope there’s a preference to not load Flash without clicking or something, like I have with Safari Stand. Seriously, Safari Stand is so nice because no flash is loaded unless I want it to be and browsing is so much faster that way. It also doesn’t eat up CPU time!

Flash is the worst thing that ever happened to the internet and I’ll be glad when it’s completely gone!

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