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A WebWorkerDaily Manifesto

As you will probably have read on Friday, Judi Sohn has stepped down as editor of WebWorkerDaily. I’m the site’s new editor.

I’d like to thank Judi for the work that she’s done on WWD and also for making the transition between editors as simple and painless as it could possibly be. I’m thrilled that she’ll be staying on as Senior Writer: she has a great voice, plenty of valuable experience, and will make a fantastic lead for our team of writers here.

We have some exciting changes planned for the site that we’ll be introducing shortly, but in this post I’d like to briefly talk about WebWorkerDaily. Om Malik started the site back in September 2006 with a vision for a blog that would cover the new way of working for the increasing number of people no longer chained to their desks; those who work from home, a cafe, or wherever they could set their laptop and get an internet connection (the “neo-Bedouin”, to use a term coined by Greg Olsen). 2006 was only a couple of short years ago now, but the trend for flexible working means that, in that time, many more people have joined our tribe of nomadic workers. The proliferation of mobile devices with internet connectivity, increasingly available wi-fi, and coworking spaces blossoming in many cities means that the web working lifestyle is accessible to many more people than it was even a couple of years ago.

One of the things that I’ve been working on is a “manifesto”, a statement of what I think WebWorkerDaily is and should be. I’d like to share it with you.

A WebWorkerDaily Manifesto
The modern workforce is increasingly moving out of the office. Using the Web and mobile technologies to connect to colleagues and customers, people can work wherever they set their laptop. WebWorkerDaily is a daily blog and community that empowers Web workers, connecting with them, inspiring them, and helping them to be more productive and successful. The team at WebWorkerDaily believes that people work better without being tied to a desk, and that companies which make effective use of web workers are leaner, more profitable and, ultimately, more successful.

  • WebWorkerDaily is about putting the Web to work for you.
  • We believe that everyone can use the Web to work more effectively.
  • We publish content that helps our readers to get the job done. While we cover technology, the technology is not the story.
  • WebWorkerDaily isn’t about the theory of web working, it’s about the reality. Our content is practical and relevant. It tells stories from the trenches.
  • We are an integral part of the web working community. We publish content that builds ideas and conversation.
  • WebWorkerDaily is written from experience: our team live and breathe the web working experience every day.

We’ll be working hard to make sure that our content achieves those goals to make WebWorkerDaily the best resource for you that it can be. I want us to be an integral part of the web working community: we thrive on your feedback. So, please, feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments, or email me at [email protected].

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