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imageThe subject of getting Adobe’s Flash on Apple’s iPhone, just won’t go away, and now there’s new comments from Adobe (NSDQ: ADBE) Systems’ CEO Shantanu Narayen to get the rumor mill buzzing again. In a Bloomberg TV interview from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he said: “It



@ Roger It looks like this board got infested with On2 investors.

@ techaddict H.264 will never be dropped. If anything Apple would want VP6 out of the equation.

@spixleatedlifeform H.264 requires less bandwidht than VP6. That's LESS bandwidth. It does have more computational requiremnets but it requires LESS bandwidth than VP6.

Ira in LA

I once read a rumor from Mork,
or was it from Mindi on Zork?
No new news today,
and that, as they say,
Was all of the news sent by Mork.

Where's the beef?


h.264 should be dropped, but I think it will take apple a long time to agree with that idea. VP6 is clearly superior which is why adobe chose them, and most video sites are also now using it instead of h.264. The biggest video website in the world also recently switched over to VP6. If they want this product to work well VP6 is the only viable choice.


"Dropped"?? You're joking, right?

Gotta wonder what some people smoke around here…


It's the codec. Before Adobe adopted h.264, as did Apple, the codec being used was VP6 from On2 Technologies. No kicking of the cooling fan, no jittering or pausing of the playback occurred. And the detail of the video was just as good (depending on the quality of the original input). But that h.264 requires too much bandwidth and too much processing opower. That's where the trouble begins, is perpetuated, and wil only end when it gets dropped.


Jamie Poitra

The fact that it happened last week doesn't have much of anything to do with it being the latest or not…

On the difficulty with Flash its mainly that it has been developed with real computers in mind not protable devices. Watching a few videos on YouTube gets the fan on my fairly fast laptop going full bore doesn't bode well for it working well at all on an iPhone or a G1 (The demos out of the G1 doing flash illustrate this).

That is a big task. And keep in mind the native languages for both the G1, the iPhone and the other phones are fairly different as well.


This is the latest info??? This is just a rehash from news some other site posted last week…. Give us a break….

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