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Search Roundup: Reprise’s Super Bowl Scorecard; Google’s ‘Human Error’

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E-Trade wins, Denny’s loses in report on Super Bowl ad/search integration : IPG’s Reprise Media released this year’s Search Marketing Scorecard, which ranks Super Bowl advertisers on how well they paired their TV spots with search/social media presence. A big winner this year was E-Trade: the company pre-seeded the market with “outtakes” of its ad in the weeks leading up to the game, and then bought targeted keywords and phrases like “talking babies” to capitalize on search traffic post-airing. On the losing end was Denny’s: the restaurant didn’t even include a URL in its TV spot, but that didn’t stop viewers from overloading its site right after the ad aired — and it remained down for the rest of the game. The report includes details on other brand winners like Frosted Flakes and losers like Budweiser. Release.

“Human error” stalled *Google* searches : Because of a major glitch, nearly every search query on Google (NSDQ: GOOG) resulted in a safety warning, for about an hour on Saturday. Normally, the message — “This site may harm your computer” — only flags sites that contain malware or other malicious files; the list of harmful sites is maintained both manually and through automated means. But according to Marissa Mayer, Google’s VP of search products & user experience, the most recent update contained a coding error that flagged every URL. While the company apologized to users (and site owners) affected by the error, ZDNet’s Larry Dignan raises the issue of whether too many users have become dependent on just using Google: “To many folks Google is the ‘Window to the Internet. If folks can