Chip Designer Rambus Claims Technology Can Speed Up Mobile Phones


imageChip designer <a href="“>Rambus, which so far has focused on PCs and video game systems, says it has developed technology that can speed up the time in which microprocessors in a mobile phone retrieves data from memory chips. The result? Phones that could be just as good as high-end computers in letting consumers view high definition video or playing complex games. The reports that Rambus claims its technology is five times faster that the most advanced solution on the market now, and 16 times faster than the typical connections in chips currently used. More specifically, the company says its MMI, or mobile memory initiative as the new technology is called, can deliver 4.3 gigabits of data per second on a single connection between chips versus the more typical 266 megabits of data per second.

But the big question, as the WSJ notes, is whether or not Rambus can gets its technology used by makers of memory chips and microprocessors for cell phones. Though the technology, according to In-Stat analyst Jim McGregor, should appeal to cellphone makers, if Rambus

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