Weekend Vid Picks: Before They Were Best Actor Nominees


I don’t know what it says about the men vs. the women nominated for Oscar this year, but man, are there some juicy clips from the pre-nomination careers of the Best Actors. I mean, one of them had a Funny or Die account!

Yep — last year (probably as a direct result of co-starring in the Will Ferrell flick Step-Brothers), Richard Jenkins spun a few stories for the comedy site. He’s seriously funny — his Hollywood Tales series is a flat-out delight.

Meanwhile, here’s a compare and contrast for you: Frank Langella as Dracula (from the 1979 film) and Frank Langella as Nixon (from Frost/Nixon). Aside from the fact that former film was made 30 years ago, they’re not too dissimilar.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Sean Penn (nominated for Milk)…Oh, it’s cheap and easy but it’s too fun to resist. Only a philistine wouldn’t love Fast Times at Ridgemont High, after all.

Brad Pitt (nominated for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) had no shortage of fun times prior to his breakout appearance in Thelma and Louise. Look at what a blast he has just eating Pringles!

And to wrap things up — a lot has been made over the past few months about how Mickey Rourke made a real comeback with The Wrestler, but nothing makes that clearer than watching the beginning of this clip from the 1997 Jean Claude Van Damme/Dennis Rodman team-up Double Team. Rourke plays the bad guy in this movie. You can tell, because he struts around shirtless while wearing cowboy boots, smokes a cigarette, and then (I think) threatens to feed a baby to a tiger.

And THAT is why they call it a comeback.

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