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Hulu Reveals its Super Secret

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Well, it took almost the whole game, but during the fourth quarter, the Hulu Super Bowl ad ran. It brought in some star power courtesy of Alec Baldwin. The bit involved a secret Hulu HQ where they plot to turn your brain into a cottage cheese-like substance. Here it is if you missed it.

Give Hulu credit for monetizing its high-profile content. Before I could actually re-watch the ad on Hulu I had to sit through a soda ad.

Speaking of soda pop. The Super Bowl ad I thought that was more interesting was the “Pepsuber” commercial. I guess last night’s Saturday Night Live skit is today’s Super Bowl spot. The MacGuyver spoof was interestingly (and absurdly) sponsored by Pepsi in last night’s show. Evidently Pepsi got a little more mileage out of it and re-ran it during today’s big game.

UPDATE: Those MacGruber spots were indeed just commercials disguised as content. Variety has more on these commerskits.

11 Responses to “Hulu Reveals its Super Secret”

  1. I didn’t like the McGruber/Pepsuber ad because I was already tired of the pointless McGruber SNL skits. That said, the other people at the Super Bowl party I was at (who are less websessed than me) thought it was awesome. I guess the novelty hadn’t warn off yet for them.

    • Chris Albrecht

      I don’ think Hulu actually had to pay for the spot. NBC, which broadcast the big game, has a stake in Hulu.

      Fox, the other partner in the JV got some nice screen time with the ad. “Family Guy” was pretty prominent in the spot.

      UPDATE: There are different reports floating around the web, but it looks like Hulu paid for its Super Bowl ad time.

      LATER UPDATE: The money for the ad came out of NBC and Fox’s original Hulu investment that was earmarked for advertising on those networks.