Super Bowls Ads Run Amok: Hulu Gets The ‘Where To Watch’ Push From NBC — And Buys Its Own Ad

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If you absolutely, positively feel compelled to watch the surreal Super Bowl commercial with monkeys detailing cars to the tune of In-A-Gada-Da-Vida or see Mrs. Potato Head lose her lips again, Hulu has it covered. The NBC (NYSE: GE) Universal-News Corp (NSDQ: NWS) JV is posting full video of ads almost as they appear. NBCU, of course, is airing Super Bowl XLIII and just gave Hulu a second-quarter shout out as “the” place to watch the ads.

Hulu actually has advertisers for the ads — clicking on the Castrol Oil ad brought up a Coke Zero pre-roll; Coke Zero’s logo and graphics remain on the screen during and after the play. (H&R Block sponsored another view.) Users can vote for their favorite ad; the results will be posted Tuesday. The ad page is refreshed every 10 minutes.

The video portal’s also offering a customized Super Bowl ads widget, offering a choice between vertical and horizontal along with whether to feature as many as four ads. (Unfortunately, there’s no way to leave out some ads.) An advanced Java version offers an embedded video player. My personal favorite so far: the show-off Clydesdale playing fetch.

As for the game, Hulu reminds you to go to

Update: Speaking of NBC, you can watch Super Bowl ads on as well but the real spotlight tonight is on Hulu — which even has a fourth-quarter 62-second ad of its own featuring Alec Baldwin, leading viewers on a tour of the top-secret alien Hulu lab entered via the H in the HOLLYWOOD sign. Hulu “beams TV directly to your portable computing devices, giving you more of the cerebral gelatinizing shows you want anytime, anywhere, for free.” That’s how the aliens will take over the world. Tagline: “Hulu. An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.” Fits in with other off-the-wall Super Bowl ads — although not sure what that says about it. The big question: how much of its promo promise to Hulu does NBCU get to claim with Super Bowl spots going for $2 million plus? None, says NBC Sports. It was a paid ad with no family discount. No specific amount but the publicized range was $2.4 million to $3 million. Check Huluwood out for yourself after the jump. (The NYT‘s Stuart Elliot said the ad by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, a unit of MDC Partners, “had the best (and most warped) sense of humor of any Super Bowl spot.”)

Meanwhile, Hulu and are far from alone — and Hulu isn’t the only one pairing ad viewing with a contest. YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) and Google have the YouTube Ad Blitz, where viewers can rate, comment and vote with the winning ad getting a free YouTube homepage takover on Feb. 5. YouTube won’t put a dollar value on the ad.(Yes, Hulu’s ad is included. Now that would be fun.) AdAge has them all. Then there’s USA Today‘s ad meter, with the visceral in-game react from a panel of viewers and the chance for online viewers to chime in with their own ratings.

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