Will the Palm Pre battery life suck?

palm-pre-browser2The Palm Pre is the smartphone that has the attention of many who follow the phone game and with good reason.  It is Palm’s attempt to reinvent themselves and the phone certainly breaks new ground based on what Palm showed in Las Vegas earlier this year.

We have been impressed with the speed that the Pre makes things happen compared to other smartphones, something that the super fast TI OMAP3430 processor that Palm is using helps happen.  This processor is extremely powerful for a phone and I’ve seen it compared to the Intel Atom.

Ars Technica believes this processor is a big deal too and point out that this powerful processor may extract a toll in the battery life of the Pre.  While this is certainly true I think it’s a bit early to be concerned about poor battery life of the Pre.  Let’s get it to market first and then see how it performs. The Ars article gives a great overview of this TI processor and is worth a read to see just how powerful this thing is for a smartphone.

One other factor that may play a role in this is the small size of the Pre.  There’s not much room to put a very big battery in there so we’ll just have to see.  Of course poor battery life would give users a good excuse to play with that cool wireless charger.  :)


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