Open Thead: What's Your Favorite Non-Google Search Engine?

For about 40 minutes this morning, Google searches were useless. Every result could “harm your computer” with no working link to result. It was, by Google’s explanation, a stupid human error. All is well now.

Less than an hour of inconvenience and the incident was over, but it did show me just how much I depend on Google search. Even though I’m aware of other search engines, I know little about them and rarely, if ever, use anything else in my everyday searching. Judging by the stats on all the sites I manage, I’m not alone.

search-box.pngAs fate would have it, during that 40 minute downtime I had to find something. I switched over to Yahoo search. Why? It was the next one listed in my Firefox search box.  

Because “it was there” is not a very good reason to use a search engine, so I ask you: If Google wasn’t available, which search engine would you use? Why?


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