Daily Apple: Whiteboard, Pretty Pictures, & Dellular Phones

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Monochrome Keyboard DIY Job – Apple may be using a two-color scheme on most of their hardware these days, but Steve Essell likes his keyboards white, and only white. Hence this all-white masterpiece. It’s so cool, it doesn’t need key labels, and neither should you if you’re a Mac user worth his salt. Done using only spray paint, and without disassembly.

Apple News Week in Charts and Lists – Since I once dabbled in the desktop publishing trade, no one knows better than me the value of a nice chart. Here are five nice charts from CNNMoney’s Fortune blog, all detailing some different way in which Apple is awesome. The cumulative effect is a reassuring one, for those of us who were worried about the state of the company following Steve’s leave.

More Talk About Dell Smartphones – As early as next month, but maybe as late as never, Dell is (still) considering taking on Apple by releasing at least a few models of smartphone. The phones will be WinMo and Android-based, and at least one will feature a touchscreen. I wonder what Dell thinks they have that HTC, RIM, Palm, etc, etc. don’t?

17″ MacBook Pro Now Shipping – MacRumors noticed the disheartening acceptance of pre-orders has changed to the refreshing “Ships in 7-10 business days” at the online Apple Store. If I was buying one, it would be here in a little over a week. I’m not, but oh boy, if I was, that’d be sweet.

Rowmote: Like Your Hardware Remote Except Better – This handy little app just arrived in the App Store today. It turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an Apple Remote, capable of controlling all the applications on your Mac that the hardware version can, but it doesn’t need line of sight. Costs a buck, so a good deal if you didn’t already fork out when you ordered your new Mac.

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