Senate Passes Second Bill Making The Digital TV Switch Voluntary For Broadcasters

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a second bill on Thursday that would allow broadcasters to drop their analog signals on Feb. 17 as originally planned — or not. The first bill passed on Monday would require all broadcasters to wait until June 12 to move over to the digital signals exclusively, but the House squashed the plan by voting against the bill earlier this week. As a compromise, Reuters reported that the Senate modified the bill, so that the delay would be voluntary and TV stations could go ahead with the switch if they wanted. The measure now goes back to the House. The delay is intended to give people who receive TV over the air and don’t have a newer TV more time to get up to speed. But a voluntary switch makes for an odd compromise. Is the Senate hoping in that scenario that people would at least get some of their channels? Full story on


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