FarAwayFish Will Email Your Family From The Grave – For A Price


imageHere’s one startup that’s already swimming in the dead pool – and a gruesome announcement on which to end the week. Just-out-of-beta FarAwayFish.com says it will send your post-dated emails and SMS to family, and grant them access to your social web profile after you pop your clogs – basic service free, or premium for £20 a year (“no payment necessary post-death”).

The outfit was founded and bankrolled by former Virgin Group marketer Nick Annetts. Worried about people staying in touch whilst you’re still alive? Don’t worry: “Nobody can see your web profile until you die.” The potential user base is vast (after all, there are more dead people than those still living), and Annetts has hit on a brilliant business model – the longer customers stay alive, the longer they must keep paying that £20 a year. The mailouts will only stay online for 10 years after a member dies – but hey, loved ones can always “extend the life” of the deceased’s profile by themselves paying £10 a year.

More nuggets from the press release: “The internet is now beyond interacting with real friends in real-time … (The site is) especially helpful for those in the military, those suffering from terminal illness or in high-risk jobs … It


Nick Annetts

Hi Robert,

First of all, thanks for the mention.

But do I detect a spot of cynicism in your write up? That's fair enough, it's a pretty difficult subject to broach. But I'd like to think we've done it justice.

We allows users to be in control of their own legacy, without having to deal with family, solicitors or indeed anyone.Yes they CAN send out triggered emails, and yes they CAN publish a web profile. But you also mention sms, no no no they can't do that, it would be too spooky.

I'll be interested to see how people use the site, whether it's for grandiose messages of love and hope, or "Dave" leaving his favourite porno mags to his mate. The website provides the tools, users provide the life and the stories.

As for our target of 12,000 sign ups, well, I expect most will use our Free package, so there goes my 240 grand pocket money!

Anyway Robert, I hope you don't slip under a bus in this terrible weather (or at least sign up with us before you do!), because "You never know when!"

All the best

Nick Annetts

PS. I just liked the name

Carl Morris


It's a joke right? (Right?)

I heard of guy that did this with postcards. He wrote out 50 different ones, addressed to different friends then gave them to his best friend with strict instructions to post them over 4 weeks after his death. Utterly spooked everyone out.

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