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Whose HD Streams Reign Supreme?

A number of the major online video services have added an HD option for video uploads, but which one is the best? CNET’s Josh Lowensohn did a really great round-up of HD services and determined YouTube to be the best. Even better, Lowensohn created this handy-dandy chart so you can compare them.

One thing CNET didn’t look at is upload and processing times, which probably is a good thing for YouTube because in my tests with them, I’ve run into major errors on those fronts. And there were a couple services CNET missed, like Motionbox (which the article cops to) and Viddyou. But overall, this is a good starting point, and Lowensohn’s accompanying post is worth a read.


10 Responses to “Whose HD Streams Reign Supreme?”

  1. I posted a better comparison of the HD video sites at

    My comparison talks about the actual bitrate, resolutions, video codecs, video encoding complexity level and audio codecs outputted. The cnet guy seems to know nothing about that while it is the most important factor.

    Also, Facebook encodes h264 with a higher complexity than Youtube and Facebook HD bitrate is slightly higher than Youtube at 2500kbit/s versus Youtube HD being at 2000kbit/s.

  2. Seems like some media and big blogs (like Engadget, TreCentral) are using Viddler. I probably don’t qualify for a revenue share, but I wonder if they’re more publisher friendly. May give them a try. I like the custom watermark/bug option, too.

    My lip dubs are so bad, they’d never make it online. Servers would melt. It’s a public service to keep them on my LAN only. :)

  3. Chris Albrecht

    @Dave, just in case you are wondering, yes, the Kelly Clarkson lip dubs you do are a copyright violation…

    My biggest issue was with the processing on YouTube. Vimeo does such a nice job of walking you through the process and telling you how much time you have left.

  4. YouTube times seem totally variable. But it’s kinda cool the SD version goes up while they’re still crunching away on higher quality (HQ) or HD. Still don’t like the automated copyright claim process, where I can’t interject and get a contact name, number, email to find out where I might infringe. Wondering if I’d be better insulated for that stuff by spending money on SmugMug – figure Facebook is in the same boat as YouTube in being beholden to big media, and who knows if the others will survive.