QuickOffice 6.0 brings Office 2007 compatibility to S60 phones

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Quickoffice has long been a capable suite for Symbian S60 phones such as those from that company in Finland and they’ve just let us know that version 6.0 is available and offers full compatibility with Office 2007.  S60 owners can now view and edit Office documents on the phone while retaining full formatting of the original document no matter where it was created.


This new version has the following new features:

  • Word® and Excel® 2007 Viewing
  • Word and Excel 2007 Editing
  • Excel 2007 Chart Viewing
  • PowerPoint® (.ppt and .pps) Viewing and Editing
  • Enhanced File Manager
  • ZIP File Support
  • View Password Protected Word and Excel files
  • “Go To Cell” in Excel
  • Word Count

Quickoffice 6.0 is $39 and upgrade pricing is available for those who own earlier versions.

1 Comment

John in Norway

I hope they’ve fixed the problem I have with Quickoffice 4.1:
I open a document, go to the bottom and type a few sentences. I then move up the document, make some changes. The next time I press the return button anywhere in the document (to go to a new line, etc) the text at the bottom of the document that I’d previously typed disappears!
Can you imagine how annoying that is?

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