Poll: netbook or notebook?

I grab a notebook and head out the door to work quite a bit and it seems that each time I do so I have to give pause and decide what gear to take with me.  On the one hand I usually have a netbook to take, small and light and powerful enough to handle most of what I need to do.  On the other hand I can grab a full notebook like the MacBook and take it instead.  In my case the decision is not straightforward as the MacBook is not that heavy (5 lbs.) and has a 13-inch screen that keeps the size down.  Netbooks usually have a 10-inch screen and weigh in about 2 lbs so they definitely are easier to carry with me.

The netbook decision gets hard to go along with when a 6-cell battery becomes part of the mix as that usually pushes the weight of the device up to the 3 lb. mark.  It becomes harder to decide as the size/ weight gap narrows.  I figure that a few of you have the same decision to make before you head out the door so here’s a poll to see what the collective thinks.  Do you usually grab the netbook or the notebook if you have the choice?

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