Larger Acer Netbook Gains Linux, SSD; Loses Useful SD Slot


acer-aspire-one-10-inchNetbook fans in the U.K. are getting all the good scoop on Acer’s larger Aspire One model. The new netbook was recently outed on Acer’s U.K. site and today the local ZDNet page has more information as well.

According to them, the upcoming 10-inch display unit will come in a Linux offering; a Linpus distro. There’s no official confirmation if it’s the exact same Linpus Lite we saw when the original AAO was launched, however. Complementing that option will also be choices for SSD storage in lieu of the 160GB hard drive available in a Windows XP configuration. The SSD capacity will be 16GB and you’d better hope that’s enough: Acer (s 2353.TW) says they’re removing the second SD card reader slot that the first AAO had. Pity, because the prior device used software to make an SD card transparently look like additional hard drive storage. It’s actually one of the few differentiating factors between Acer’s 8.9-inch netbook and many others.

(via AspireOneUser)

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