Interview: CN Digital President Sarah Chubb: Print And Digital Combo Gets Us Ready For Better Times


imageOver the past year, a number of magazine publishers have decided that it no longer makes sense to keep different ad sales teams for print and online. For one thing, at a time of rising layoffs, companies are finding it easy to consolidate staffs in general. But as online advertising has been feeling some of the pain the print side has been experiencing, unity sounds like a sensible solution.

Although it isn’t going so far as a full sales integration, this past week, Condé Nast decided to erase the line between sales for its companion magazine sites’ and destination sites’ ad sales by rechristening its interactive unit CondéNet as Condé Nast Digital. As a result, CN Digital will have oversight for all online ads.



John C. Smith

Epicurious is great, I grant the byzantine and dysfunctional magazine hierarchy, and like I said nothing personal.

However Epicurious is a pretty paltry return given all the headcount, time, $, and other resources CN has invested in "digital."

Don't think CN can take much credit for any Wired success btw.

former emp

glamourous? safe? rich? amazing how free you feel to say stuff you jusyt made up on the spot. she's smart and works harder than anyone at conde, and now maybe she will finally have some influence there. the sites she has overseen have thrived (epicurious, wired) but no one at conde cared because they weren't magazines. that's their problem. maybe now they have a chance. idiot.


Once Si Newhouse loves you, he loves you. She fits the place culturally – she's from a prominent, very rich family, as well as having all the educational pedigree – Harvard, etc. So she's liked, and why leave a safe, well-paying glamorous job especially when you have a family and want some stability and predictability in your career.

John C. Smith

Nothing person — but it's a little hard to believe Chubb still has a job.

She's been in that role for 12-15 years — and CN has been foundering digitally…for 12-15 years.


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