Industry Moves: Google Exec Katie Jacobs Stanton Joins Obama Administration


*Google* CEO Eric Schmidt may not be interested in the new federal CTO post but a member of his team is headed to Washington, D.C.: business development exec Katie Jacobs Stanton is joining the Obama administration as “director of citizen participation,” MediaMemo reported and we have confirmed. As Peter Kafka notes, the title doesn’t clearly define what Stanton’s responsibilities will be when her new job begins in March. But given her background at Google (NSDQ: GOOG) — she worked on the search giant’s election team, on its Open Social initiative, and helped launch Google Finance in 2006 — she likely will be involved in the development of online tools that help Americans get more involved with what’s going on at the White House. Stanton joined Google in 2003, early enough to be in on the IPO; she previously served as a production manager at *Yahoo*.

Stanton’s appointment is in line with the administration’s efforts during the campaign and transition to reach out to supporters through digital means: the weekly fireside chats via YouTube, the Twitter account, as well as the launch of while Obama was president-elect. But Stanton and other tech-savvy new hires may find it more difficult to do their jobs effectively in the coming months, as they contend with White House technology policies that are more restrictive than participatory. (Much like Obama himself did during the struggle to keep his BlackBerry).


Ari Herzog

You nailed it in your second paragraph, Tameka. Forgetting about White House policies, the infrastructure alone is outdated–or so I am told. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd think Katie's hire would be more effective in the latter part of the year than in March. Or will she be helping in the infrastructure improvements?

Greg S

Katie is a rock star who wins at every turn. If anyone can open up our insular govt (which may be impossible) she can.


I see soemthing fishy going on within this join move, i agree that someone should monitor allthingsd's records

digital bear

Someone should monitor AllThingsD's records– Katie worked for Kara Swisher's wife Megan Smith at Google– great source for Peter & AllThingsD.

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