Amazon Earnings Call: Bezos: Kindle Users Buy More Books Than Print-Only Buyers

Kindle users buy more books total than print-only buyers, Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos told investors and analysts following the release of the company’s healthy Q4. (What? You were expecting confirmation that the second-gen Kindle is being announced Feb. 9?) Asked if he was surprised by anything about Kindle sales in Q4, Bezos insisted that the e-book reader hasn’t cannibalized physical book sales and claimed that the device is additive. Bezos: “We see that people still buy the same number of books they did before. They also buy 1.7 more books when Kindle is included. The biggest surprise was the stronger demand for Kindle than even we had anticipated.” That number is up slightly from the Q3 call, when the company said Kindle owners buy 1.6 times as many book titles and the same number of physical books. However, he declined to offer any clues about actual numbers.

That followed an explanation from CFO Tom Szkutak that since Kindle revenue and costs are recognized over a two-year period, the company wouldn’t say much.

Photo Credit: Robert Nelson