Absolute Radio Trumpets Online Stats After Radio Listening Collapse

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Absolute Radio is trying to put a brave face on the Q4 Rajars, the radio industry’s flaky yet revered regular metrics system, after losing nearly a fifth of its listeners since renaming from Virgin Radio through its acquisition by Times of India Group last September…

“If I suddenly changed my name from Clive to Paul overnight, it would take you a while to adapt to calling me Paul,” wrote COO Clive Dickens strategy and planning head Adam Bowie. Bowie Dickens defended the radio listening figures with online stats: “Time spent online exceeds competitors

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Adam Bowie

Thanks for the correction!

I'm sure it's something that I might have said, had Clive not said it before me.

In spite of these numbers, we're confident that this is a short term problem that we'll get over. RAJAR also shows that our listeners are listening longer than they have been since Q2 06. And we're also at a record share of digital listening.

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