Where is My “One Social Network to Rule them All”?

6a00e54f1346a48834010536fc0094970c-800wiIs it me or does each day bring either a new social network or a new feature to an old one? I simply can’t keep up. I’ve embraced Twitter, but later moved on to FriendFeed since it consolidates many of my online shenanigans. I was thinking about installing Loopt on my iPhone to offer my location info and find others, but I didn’t get around to it. Today I see that Palringo added similar location features, so do I get an account with them instead of Loopt?

All of these services are useful in their own right, but they’re scattered and that causes me to be scattered: “Did I tweet that last bit or did I post it to FriendFeed?” “Oh, I better check my Twitter replies in case any responders aren’t on FriendFeed (or if they didn’t check the box to send a tweet from FF).”

I’m only on a few of these services and my head spins. OK, sometimes it spins of its own accord, but the social scene isn’t helping. ;) FriendFeed comes the closest for me today, but it lacks some interesting features like Location Based Services. I can’t see FriendFeeders around me for example. I could merge in data from Brightkite… but not Loopt or Palringo. Ugh. Which do you pick?

How are you managing these? Do you have accounts with a dozen social networks and services or have you decided to limit your activity? I still see huge value and potential in these but all of the disparate networks are diminishing that value for me. I spend more time trying to figure out “which” friends (i.e.: which social network) I want to interact with. Doesn’t that ironically sound anti-social?

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