Where is My “One Social Network to Rule them All”?


6a00e54f1346a48834010536fc0094970c-800wiIs it me or does each day bring either a new social network or a new feature to an old one? I simply can’t keep up. I’ve embraced Twitter, but later moved on to FriendFeed since it consolidates many of my online shenanigans. I was thinking about installing Loopt on my iPhone to offer my location info and find others, but I didn’t get around to it. Today I see that Palringo added similar location features, so do I get an account with them instead of Loopt?

All of these services are useful in their own right, but they’re scattered and that causes me to be scattered: “Did I tweet that last bit or did I post it to FriendFeed?” “Oh, I better check my Twitter replies in case any responders aren’t on FriendFeed (or if they didn’t check the box to send a tweet from FF).”

I’m only on a few of these services and my head spins. OK, sometimes it spins of its own accord, but the social scene isn’t helping. ;) FriendFeed comes the closest for me today, but it lacks some interesting features like Location Based Services. I can’t see FriendFeeders around me for example. I could merge in data from Brightkite… but not Loopt or Palringo. Ugh. Which do you pick?

How are you managing these? Do you have accounts with a dozen social networks and services or have you decided to limit your activity? I still see huge value and potential in these but all of the disparate networks are diminishing that value for me. I spend more time trying to figure out “which” friends (i.e.: which social network) I want to interact with. Doesn’t that ironically sound anti-social?


Ben Smith

Kevin, I feel your pain. I’ve used all of the G1 apps and used TweetDeck and various other clients on my computers, but I’ve just switched to Digsby which consolidates Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, my corporate email, and all of my chat clients into one easy interface. It’s save me a lot of time and memory….

Brick ONeil

I’m beginning to not like those ‘social’ network sites. I’m on the main ones and being ignored on them all, despite commenting, posting and requesting. So much for interaction.

Aura Mae

it isnt an iphone app, but ping.fm will let you email or text in a message which will post to a twitter, facebook & more.


i’m wondering if there’s an iphone application to allow for simultaneous postings to both twitter and facebook. Anyone know of one?


vLingo lets you post to both Twitter & Facebook simultaneously. And it has voice recognition so u can dictate those postings. @jeffpower


It’s stupid. It’s all the same crap anywhere when you talk “online services.” None of them, chat, twitter, documents (google docs, office live),what have you, really let you interact with people outside their network. So much for choice, because in the end, you need to be in every network anyway.


Finally, someone with the same question as me! With all these so-called social networks I wondered if it was actually helping you being social, or helping you being NOT social, given that all these networks have their own little space, and do little to nothing to expand that space.

It would be great if these social networks would open up a little, and allow you to use them even if you’re not part of their network, while still being able to keep in touch with your ‘old’ network(s). It shouldn’t be too hard for sites like facebook, linkedin and god-knows what other site to allow kind-of like a cross-link between them. It would only help them boost the user base..

I’m using Twitter on a daily basis for my random talks about nothingness, and although I have linkedin and facebook accounts, I rarely visit said sites. It’s just too much for me to have to remember all these places where I’m supposed to be social. I can barely remember to water my plants! :)


use brightkite for location on the phone. pinger phone is a god way to keep up with the various networks.

Justin Case

Ditch the whole notification thing, go solo, do your thing.

This from an internet addict. Takes one to know one, you see.

Aura Mae

I started with Twitter, moved to Friendfeed and ended up on Facebook because I got more interaction there. Turns out the best social network for me is the one where people respond to my postings.


I use ping.fm to post status updates across all types of social sites. On Facebook, I’ve installed the Twitter app to pull my status updates into facebook status. And I use twhirl to keep track of twitter and friendfeed updates (the beta also passes status updates to ping.fm). Now if only twhirl had a view on facebook.

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