On The Job 3.0

On the Job 3.0 Icon

It’s been nearly two-and-a-half years since we reviewed On The Job here at TheAppleBlog, and we gave it high marks back then. Today Stunt Software has released On The Job 3.0, their time & expense tracking and invoicing application. The new version has some nice new features, but it keeps the excellent simple, yet powerful feel we praised it for back in 2006.

On The Job greets a new user with a sample client and a sample project. It is easy to get in and edit what you need to get started right away. A helpful addition to Version 3 is the properties panel that is shown in gray at the bottom of the window. This replaces an info panel that you had to call anytime you wanted to make a change to a job. Anything you need is within arm’s reach. Before this addition, even simple changes took a few more clicks than it felt like were needed.

On The Job 3.0 Initial Screen

Timing projects is just as straightforward as it was in Version 2. You just click the big “play” button and it starts timing it. You can also start and stop the timer or even switch tasks from both the dock icon or the menu bar item. If you accidentally leave On The Job running while you go grab some lunch, no problem. When you come back, a little idle timer pops up asking if you want to subtract that hour or not.

Going back to see your timed tasks is pretty classy too. Click the little “i” button next to a task, and you can see, add, edit and delete your timing sessions. Lots of little interface things like these really add to the feel of the program.

On The Job Timing Sessions

One big request people had with Version 2 of On The Job was the desire to customize the design of their invoices. Well,  Stunt Software took that to heart and spent some quality time coming up with their invoice designer. It looks like an easy-to-understand version of the Billings invoice designer. I like it!

On The Job Custom Invoices

Not everything is perfect here. There are a few interface inconsistencies that bother me. If you make the window too narrow, things start looking odd in the properties panel.

On The Job Interface Issues

It also doesn’t feel quite right that if I add items that aren’t timed, such as a fixed-cost expense, all it shows is a dollar cost in the row with the time grayed out. There should be additional optional columns for quantity and per-unit cost.

On The Job Fixed Cost

So there is a little work to be done in a few areas like that, but all in all, things are on the right track. I’m hoping we don’t have to wait two-and-a-half years for more updates.

I used On The Job Version 2 quite a bit right when I started my freelancing business. I ended up switching to Billings so that I could have custom-designed invoices, but I always missed the ease of use of On The Job. Now that On The Job has that Invoice designer, I think I just might have to move back.

On The Job 3.0 costs $39.95, and upgrades from version 2.0 can be had for $14.95. It is available from Stunt Software’s web site.