Mobile Tech Minutes: HTC Advantage revisited


It’s been a good while since I covered the great usage I am still getting out of the HTC Advantage and this video shows a few minutes of the great things I do with it.  This Windows Mobile-based PDA is really a true mobile computer that gets a full day’s use out of a single battery charge and is a web browsing demon.  Have a look and see why the Advantage is still one of my all-time favorite mobile devices.


Ruud Bijvank

Hi James,

You’re quite sure this is a very, very nice device. However, it’s sold around E 900,- (The Netherlands).
So looking for the same usability at a lower price, I settled for an HP Ipaq 214 (4″ screen), along with a HP Foldable bluetooth keybord. This solutions is lacking the 3G functionality (which is provided by my phone through Bluetooth), but costs only half of the amount of the advantage.


James, I agree that the Advantage is a great lil’ device….

Thanks for sharing about it….think you can see that there’s definitely interest in it…so, feel free to add more Advantage updates….



Yes, tell us how you did the screen auto rotate.

I have not used mine as a phone since my company issued me a BlackBerry. The funny thing is I have not had near the number of lockups and reboots since I started using it as a WiFi connected PDA. I will not give up my iPhone either.



Have had mine now for several years and love it. How did you enable the screen auto rotate?




I fully agree the HTC 7501 is a great device that has become my main device for the past several months. Its the 5 inch vga screen and rock solid 3g HSDPA connection that does it for me. Hoping the upcoming HTC Thoth will add more memory, a lighted keyboard, and flash/a little better video capabilities and that would be my perfect device.


I’ve been using mine as my main phone for about a year now, only switching to an old SE S710a a few times when pocket space was at a premium.

I very rarely make or receive phone calls on it, though, so its basically just used for having access to as much info as possible in my pocket at once as possible. I can’t connect directly to my work’s Exchange server per their policy, but I do sync 2 weeks worth of emails, some Excel summary sheets and of course OneNote, uh, notes. It’s allowed much greater flexibility in my personal and private life, and I’ve yet to see a new phone even announced that matches what are, to me, its key features (WinMo, almost powerful enough to overcome WinMo bloat, laptop-style inclined screen).

I very much hope that an HTC Tilt HD, if you will, comes out with the APX 2500 chipset and a 4″ WVGA screen so I finally have something new to focus my gadget lust on! :)


while i wish it were closer to a netbook widescreen format, i love mine.. i even used it as a phone for a month while my blackjack2 was sent away for repairs.. a great machine!

Ross Wirth

Stop teasing us! The only way to get one is eBay. Or import for way too much $$ for the new version.

My Nokia internet tablet is an amazing solution instead =)


In an email some time back, you recommended the Advantage.
Well, I later shelled out $599 for one and I feel the same about it as you do.
It is a little heavy and that would be my only observation but everything else works very well – and I can see the screen :-)
I think I only turn mine off when I am forced to reboot – which isn’t often. I might top off the battery perhaps once a week.
This is a gadget worth owning.

Gavin Miller

I was using mine this morning and thinking exactly the same thing, about how useful it is and how much I still use it!

I was in a meeting taking notes in Evernote, emailing through Exchange and finished by hooking it up to a projector to give a short presentation, using my Logitech Presenter!

I wouldn’t give up my iPhone, but the HTC is so handy to have and easy to sling into your gadget bag for when you need it.

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