Follow jkOnTheRun via Twitter

jkontherun-twitterThis looks ironic since I was just complaining about too many social networks, but the timing is out of my hands. Our crack technical staff (that means you, Chancey!) just got our jkOnTheRun Twitter account set up with TwitterFeed. That means you can subscribe to the blog through Twitter… or not, the choice is yours. Of course, you never know what opportunities or secret stuff we might tweet using that account. You don’t want to miss anything, do you? :)

Don’t take it personally if the jkOnTheRun Twitter account doesn’t follow you back. James and I have our own accounts and use those for personal use. Interesting back-story on this: Dave Winer actually set up this acccount for us way back in 2007 to test his “River of Feeds” project. We’re thankful and appreciative that Dave turned the account over to us so we could offer our posts via Twitter. I consider Dave an all-around nice guy and this just another example of why.


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