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GM to Import Engines for First-Gen Volts: General Motors has assured autoworker union leaders that it will produce Chevy Volt engines in Flint, Michigan as soon as possible, but it plans bring engines from overseas for the initial run of the vehicle. — Reuters

Carbon Caputure Research Ramps Up: The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures will invest €81 million in coordinated research projects on carbon capture and storage in 15 laboratories and nine countries. — Cleantech Group

NEC to Take In Battery Partner as Full Subsidiary: NEC plans to make its partner in a lithium-ion battery joint venture a wholly-owned subsidiary by June, restructuring it to focus exclusively on automotive batteries. — Green Car Congress

Supersize Me Ship, Matey: The global shipping industry is moving toward ever-larger (and more efficient) container ships that produce fewer emissions if shaky economics don’t sink the trend first. — Environmental Capital

Solar Cars Still Far Off: Toyota’s third-generation Prius has optional solar panels on the roof — but how much gasoline can solar power really offset? — CNN

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