Verizon Has Sold 1 Million BlackBerry Storms


imageVerizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) has sold 1 million BlackBerry Storms since launching the handset on Nov. 21, spokesperson Brenda Raney told mocoNews. That’s quicker than the first iPhone, which took 74 days to sell a million handsets, but pales in comparison to the iPhone 3G, which sold 1 million in just three days. Irrespective of how it compares to the iPhone or any other handset, it appears the handset did quite well even though early reviews found the device buggy (including our own). We’re assuming we won’t find out about the number of returns next quarter… ComputerWorld also reported the sales total.



Can you hear me now? how about now? how about now? Still can't ….. hmmm … I'm going back to Sprint!


I am not suprise at all with the huge sales, look at how many iPod got sold, its got less feature and much wise then storm.

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