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Vid-Biz: Prop 8, SAG, Recycling

Prop 8 — The Musical Heading to Broadway; one-night only performance will be part of the Defying Inequality: The Broadway Concert benefit. (Variety)

SAG Boots Doug Allen, its Executive Director and Chief Negotiator; move could signal a pull back from previous plans to call for strike authorization. (The Wall Street Journal)

Old TV Sets Cause Big Environmental Headaches; there are lots of toxic materials in the old TV sets people are getting rid of, and EPA enforcement is lacking when it comes to recycling. (USA Today)

White House Changes Privacy Policy Again; the flip-flopping continues as specific exemptions of YouTube cookies were listed — then removed — from the privacy policy. (CNET)

Verizon Wireless Gets Full-Length ABC Episodes; show like Grey’s Anatomy and Lost headed to the (really) small screen a day after they air on television. (MediaPost)

Fotolia Wants Your Stock Video; stock photography and illustration company moving into video, lets videographers earn money off their footage. (Mashable)

Verizon Signed Up 282,000 FiOS TV Subs in Q4; brings the total number of subscribers up to 1.9 million. (Silicon Alley Insider)