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Staction Project and Communication Manager Launches

staction-logo.pngProject and Communication Manager Staction, which I reviewed back in September, dropped its beta tag today and has officially launched to the general public.

You may recall that I was very smitten with Staction, particularly how the sparse interface (one page – two boxes) makes it dead simple to communicate with your team about all of your project-related items. The familiar ubiquitous messaging-style status update box makes for quick collaboration and updates, as well as to-do assignment and time tracking.

Staction - Update

Staction focuses on the communication that is inherently a part of any project and gives us simple one-screen access to all the information we need. An overview video does a great job of demonstrating a typical workflow process.

There are no nested folders or complex layers of screen after screen, everything is displayed chronologically in a very Pownce- or Twitter-like fashion. A sidebar gives you access to preset views that let you filter by person or project, but it’s really the custom views that bring out the true power of Staction. Create a query that pulls out the information you need, and then save it for reuse later; it will update itself automatically.

For example, here is a quick view that will display how much time was logged for me yesterday.

Staction - Create View

The Staction of today is not a radically different product than when we covered it last, but it is one that has matured. They have tweaked the interface and streamlined the process of adding information and files. I also find the new sidebar layout to be much more intuitive.

Staction is one of the most useful and refreshingly different new tools I have had the opportunity to review. It may not be the best tool for everyone, but, so far, it seems to fit the working and communication style of my team quite well.

Pricing for Staction starts at a free 2 user/10 project account with increased levels allowing for greater number of users, file storage and unlimited projects. Time tracking functionality requires the “Super” account at $15 month.

How do you keep project communication in check? If you have tried Staction, let us know what you think in the  comments.