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One to Watch: Euclid Media Jazzes Up Video with Ads

We don’t always like to wait until we know everything about a startup before we post on it, so think of this as a placeholder. Euclid Media is another one of these nifty video ad insertion companies that’s looking to shake up preconceived notions of the difference between advertising and content.

eucliddemoMenlo Park, Calif.-based Euclid was founded in 2007 and is productizing technology that allows ads to be inserted into the context of a video (e.g. onto a wall or the side of a moving truck). The company says it can weave ads right into the fabric of videos, and then exchange them out afterwards, so content can be repurposed indefinitely.

We contacted the company and they sent us a demo of their ad insertion product (see screenshot above), and said more information would be coming next month when they revamp their site.

Euclid has funding from Matrix Partners and is led by two Berkeley PhDs. It faces competition from companies including ZunaVision, out of Stanford, and Innovid, out of Tel Aviv.

7 Responses to “One to Watch: Euclid Media Jazzes Up Video with Ads”

  1. Neno Brown

    These innovations are really cool, but I think the companies delivering this ad insert technology are very busy or are in pre-alpha stage, because none of these ad insertion outfits are answering there emails or doing any business.

    For this not to be a gimik they will have to start showing there partners or provide some sort of real-time demo,

    I know Zunavision does this but there system is a pre-production insertion and not a real-time insertion.

    LIZ…..Please keep me updated if you get any more news, CHEERS….