8-Minute History of the Internet


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Inaccurate. What does ISO has to do with IP? IP (Internet Protocol) is an inherent part of the ARPAnet, the predecessor of the Internet.
Also no mention to the Web (html, http) developed by CERN, and that was the actual “tipping” point for the Internet to go massive.
Nice graphics, but history could have been told better.


Thansk Om!

Awesome one… i have come back to gigaom after couple of weeks… This is the reason what makes me come again and again… even thou i don’t bookmark or RSS http://www.gigaom.

tks, Nag

Zach Harris

Nice video.

Why wasn’t there any mention of the VentureBeat article that broke this on 1/19 or the upcoming pictoral communication language (picol.org)?

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