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Clean Car Subsidies Come to China: China’s central government plans to subsidize purchases of electric, hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles for public fleets in 13 cities. — Reuters

Say It Isn’t So: A new study finds greenhouse gas levels expected by mid-century will produce 1,000 years of Dust Bowl-like droughts and sea level rise — even if carbon dioxide emissions drop in the future. — Washington Post

The Other EPA Lisa: Georgetown law professor Lisa Heinzerling, who has criticized the government’s use of cost-benefit analysis in crafting public-health and environmental regulations, will advise EPA chief Lisa Jackson on climate change issues. — TNR’s The Vine

Teeny Tiny BugE: Blue Sky Designs has come up with a 350-pound electric vehicle (technically it’s a motorcycle) that “falls handily between the bicycle and the Buick.” It can go up to 50 mph and 30 miles per charge. — Wired’s Autopia

All Minds on Deck: A former EPA administrator, two law professors, an economist, a clean air advocate and a Cato Institute fellow talk about President Barack Obama backing California’s request to tighten auto emission and fuel efficiency standards. — NYT’s Room for Debate

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