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Chevy Volt Becomes "Opel Ampera" for European Market

opel-ampera1“Opel Ampera.” That’s what GM’s German subsidiary, Opel, has named the European version of the Chevy Volt. Using the same electric propulsion system that appears in the Volt, Opel — which just a few months ago SolarWorld was speculated to want to buy and turn into a hybrid and electric vehicle powerhouse — plans to debut the Ampera in production form at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Today the company revealed the new name and a teaser photo (above) of the extended-range electric car, which in this light, at least, looks a bit like a Darth Vader version of the Volt (below). Like its U.S. forerunner, the Ampera will have an all-electric range of about 40 miles before a small gas-powered engine kicks in.