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Appigo Todo: Detailed Task Management on the iPhone


My recent look at Appigo Notebook for the iPhone and iPod touch had me reevaluating my choice of task management app for the platform. Conveniently, Appigo also offers Todo ($9.99, App Store), one of the leading task management apps in the App Store. While the “integration” Appigo offers between the two apps is more of a basic export function, it still does save some typing, which is nice on a device whose primary virtue is not text entry.

Right away, I can tell that Appigo Todo has done the basic things right. When it comes to task management, I am a man of very simple needs. I want an easy way to check off items as completed, some sort of task prioritization ability, and the ability to sort tasks by group. All of these things are there, with the added benefit that you can both mark a task completed and delete it from the home view, something which is not always possible with apps in this category.

photo-2Todo also offers a quick task option, which is great when you just want to remind yourself of something without getting in to too much detail. It’s the advanced functions that make Todo stand out from the pack, though. When creating a new task, you can choose from a number of preset types, which change the appearance of the task’s icon. Choosing one of these presets opens up additional options, like choosing a contact from your address book or entering a website URL.

You can also add Tags and Contexts to your tasks, above and beyond organizing them by lists, which are also fully customizable. If you’re an obsessive task tracker, your inbox can become pretty cluttered fairly quickly, so being able to filter in three different ways from very broad to very specific really adds to your ability to organize and drill down.

photo-3Appigo Todo offers a variety of synchronization options. If you’re partial to locally stored data, you can go the desktop route, using the Appigo Sync desktop application, which allows Mac users to sync their Todo tasks with Apple’s iCal. No Windows version exists, although Appigo reports that one is currently in the works. If you’re more of a cloud kind of user, you can sync with either or Remember the Milk, making this the app of choice for those who want to keep their options open.

Aside from being one of the most robust task management apps available for the iPhone, Appigo Todo is also one of the most expensive. That said, if you’re serious about getting things done, it might be just what you’re looking for. Anyone interested can also try out Todo Lite (App Store) for free before they lay down any serious cash.

2 Responses to “Appigo Todo: Detailed Task Management on the iPhone”

  1. Appigo’s ToDo and Notebook are the bomb!

    Easily worth the money. Professional and continuously developed and updated. These guys “get it” when it comes to managing tasks on the iPhone. The integration with Toodledo is fantastic and rock solid for me.

    ToDo is an advanced and yet simple. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, you are not forced to use them.

    $10 is not expensive for an application of this caliber as far as I’m concerned. I would highly recommend Appigo Todo!


  2. Anyone interested in some of these features (an easy way to check off items as completed, some sort of task prioritization ability, and the ability to sort tasks by group) but packaged up in an easier use (and much cheaper) app might want to look at our app, Done.