Motorola Remains Committed to Windows Mobile Despite Layoffs


imageYesterday, reports circulated that Motorola (NYSE: MOT) laid off 77 employees in Plantation, Fla., and that the facility will no longer conduct new Windows mobile development there. The report by The South Florida Business Journal led others to question Motorola’s commitment to Microsoft’s mobile operating system, especially with the knowledge that it plans to work closely with Google’s Android operating system going forward.

However, Motorola spokeswoman Maya Komadina told IDG News Service that despite speculation that the layoffs indicate a decision to cut Windows Mobile, Motorola is still supporting the operating system. “It is important to note that Motorola’s strategy for the Mobile Devices business has not changed — we continue to focus on Windows Mobile as one of our software platforms, and there are teams working on Windows Mobile development at other facilities,” she said. Of course, this is good news for Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), which must continue to partner with multiple handset manufacturers in order for its licensing model to succeed.

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